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Quick 5 with Colleen Smith

We had the pleasure of sitting down with a member of the Massey Hall team, Colleen Smith. Colleen is the Director of Operations for the Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall and is leading the planning for the Massey Hall Revitalization Project. Colleen is as excited as we are for the Massey Hall expansion. Her passion for music and music history really shows in the interview below. Enjoy! FAVOURITE PART OF MASSEY TOWER: The approval to build the Massey Tower means that, for the first time in 120 years, the legendary Massey Hall has the opportunity to acquire more space for a future revitalization. Massey Hall is an iconic venue that has meant so much to so many artists and audience members over the years, and thanks to the land that we have acquired from MOD Developments due to the Massey Tower, we will finally have the space for expansion that we have always desired. This opportunity is unprecedented. FAVOURITE MASSEY HALL MOMENT: November 18th, 2008, my second day on the job, was for The Killers concert, which is a band whose music I love. I was so beyond excited to be a part of it all, and [...]

Construction Progresses at The Massey Tower

It’s exciting times over at The Massey Tower site. Work is on schedule and the site is really starting to take shape. Demolition is complete and vertical drilling for shoring has begun. The shoring process ensures the stability of the site during excavation. All components for the preservation of the historical elements at the former Bank of Commerce building at 197 Yonge are complete as well. As this is a complicated site to develop the construction process involves a high level of planning and highly detailed execution. Over at the Massey Hall site the demolition of the Albert Building is now finished and shoring will begin soon. It’s great to see that the community has embraced both developments with open arms and we are honoured and excited to add to the vibrant neighbourhood. Stay tuned for more construction updates as we move into the shoring process.