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When it comes to details anyone knows that proper lighting can transform a space or experience. Seeing the importance of lighting we chose to interview one of the specialists that deals with lighting for the Massey Tower,John C. He will be working with the greater team to create impactful, elegant and efficient lighting solutionsacross the Massey Tower. FAVOURITE PART OF MASSEY TOWER? Iā€™m a big fan of technology and think the automated parking system being used at Massey Tower is progressive and downright amazing. FAVOURITE MASSEY HALL MOMENT? Not just a nod to my profession but also my tastes I would have to say AC/DC. GORDON LIGHTFOOT OR RUSH? Rush all the way WINE & CHEESE OR BEER & PRETZELS? Beer & maybe pretzels MOTTO : Family first. Always.

Schools in condos, mandatory affordable units: What does the future of vertical Toronto hold?

Earlier this week, CBC Toronto’s Dwight Drummond talked to chief city planner Jennifer Keesmaat about what the future looks like for Toronto families in increasingly vertical communities. The conversation is part of CBC Toronto’s Vertical City series. Our stories examine the realities of life for families, including those with children or seniors, in condos in the city and the challenges and lifestyle adjustments that come with family condo living. For the rest of the article click here