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FIVE QUESTIONS FOR KAMIEL KOOT OF 5BY2 Parking For this particularly interesting issue, we spoke with a member of the team responsible for the automated parking system, Kamiel Koot. The company Kamiel works for is 5BY2 Parking and they do some pretty amazing things with parking garages. This Dutch company has revolutionized the car park system using a tile puzzle-like system. Though not yet active on the site, we still couldn’t resist picking Kamiel’s brain to get a sense of how the Dutchman feels about the project and the city. 1. FAVOURITE PART OF MASSEY TOWER? Of course we think the nicest part has to be the automated parking system. This will be the first in Toronto, and we will make sure it is a signature feature. We have a system in Ottawa and that has lasted the harsh Canadian winter, so we will surely achieve a similar feat in Toronto. 2. FAVOURITE MASSEY HALL MOMENT? We are a Dutch company and we have not yet been on site for long enough to look for entertainment at night. That might come in 2017 when we start our install. 3. GORDON LIGHTFOOT OR RUSH? That is the most difficult question. Neither […]

Toronto Condo Demand Outpaces Vancouver Real Estate Peak

Toronto real estate demand has been strong, and the condo market was no exception. According to the Toronto Real Estate Board’s (TREB) most recent statistics, buyers plowed into the market sending prices to dizzying new heights. Despite bank warnings over an overheated condo market, demand exceeded Vancouver’s real estate frenzy. For more please click here